Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Maybe the word overweight would sit a bit better with a lot of people as the F word can sit a little harshly at times.
I have been thinking about this blog for a long time. Was slightly put off as the reaction to my initial decision to keep this blog was very mixed, leaning more towards the negative side. So after taking some of the more valid points on board... Here I am.

Still deciding on whether or not I will promote this blog in the same way I promote my other one www.dontthinkjustfeel.blogspot.com but time will decide that one for me and I am content to wait for the feeling to surface.

I have never really been one to mince words and when I used the F word earlier it wasn’t as a result of insecure self deprecation, just the real.

I want to loose weight. I am unsure in stones, pounds and ounces how much I would like to loose but I would like to sit comfortably as a 14. That means I need to let go of 2 to 3 dress sizes (depending on what I’m buying and where I’m buying it from).

Today, wasn’t the best of days. I ate Curly fries... but the day isn’t over and I intend to get home relatively early today so that I can prepare my lunches for the next 2 days a bit more properly.

I shall keep you posted...

Nat xx

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